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Eyes on the Road (168/366)


I've been doing a lot of traveling for work lately, and for the next few weeks I'm again without reliable access to the internet to post my lonely photos :(  My blog is actually blocked through the office's firewall because of "questionable content!"  They must block all blogs, because there's nothing questionable about mine, unless you count the fact that it's not always so good.  So, check back in a week or two, and I hope you find it worth the wait!

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Magical Mystical Minty Misty Melty Mints (155/366)

We like to get these as the candy store at the beach, along with saltwater taffy.  They're really called "Melty Mints," but my brother and I, who are among the mints' biggest fans, adorned them with every m- adjective we could think of, so that now it's hard for me to remember which m- word they originally came with.   It seems to me that no trip to the beach is quite right without a little waxpaper bag of mints.

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Oh no!

I forgot.