Sunday, May 10, 2009


How often do you go about the tasks and preoccupations of your own world, barely noticing the life around you?  It's easy enough to do.  But sometimes your breath catches in your throat when you realise you're part of a web and the world throbs with life around you.

Every sniff is a discovery.

It rained and rained the other night, and when I opened my front door in the morning, something brown and bumpy hopped in; it took a second glance to see it was a frog and not an old leaf.  We sat on the floor together for a few minutes before it got up the courage to run outside again.   Sometimes the natural world literally invades your house - frog on carpet was such a funny juxtaposition!  It reminded me, though, that we really are all connected, all interdependent. 

When have you felt most connected to the natural world?  Most disconnected? 

Sunday, May 3, 2009


These photos are of places that are so different to me that I was surprised at how alike they look.   The first is of a place I associate with summer: shorts and seafood and cool breezes.  The second is imbued with the evening light of winter, a light that never fails to tug at my heart and remind me of home.  However, there's a similar feeling in these photos despite their different subjects.

 The perspective plays a big role in each of the compositions: in both shots, it adds to the sense of distance, continuity, and movement.  My own perspective is different, too, as I see these places in pixels.  The new perspective allows me to see what I hadn't before.

When has a new perspective allowed you to see something that wasn't there before?