Sunday, May 10, 2009


How often do you go about the tasks and preoccupations of your own world, barely noticing the life around you?  It's easy enough to do.  But sometimes your breath catches in your throat when you realise you're part of a web and the world throbs with life around you.

Every sniff is a discovery.

It rained and rained the other night, and when I opened my front door in the morning, something brown and bumpy hopped in; it took a second glance to see it was a frog and not an old leaf.  We sat on the floor together for a few minutes before it got up the courage to run outside again.   Sometimes the natural world literally invades your house - frog on carpet was such a funny juxtaposition!  It reminded me, though, that we really are all connected, all interdependent. 

When have you felt most connected to the natural world?  Most disconnected? 

Sunday, May 3, 2009


These photos are of places that are so different to me that I was surprised at how alike they look.   The first is of a place I associate with summer: shorts and seafood and cool breezes.  The second is imbued with the evening light of winter, a light that never fails to tug at my heart and remind me of home.  However, there's a similar feeling in these photos despite their different subjects.

 The perspective plays a big role in each of the compositions: in both shots, it adds to the sense of distance, continuity, and movement.  My own perspective is different, too, as I see these places in pixels.  The new perspective allows me to see what I hadn't before.

When has a new perspective allowed you to see something that wasn't there before?  

Thursday, April 30, 2009


One of my photos was selected for the weekly photoblog "Wednesday Photos."  I'm excited and honored!  Check out this neat project to see all of the wonderful photos that were chosen.

Sunday, April 26, 2009


Happy Easter!

  It often seems that Lent is an awfully long journey and Easter one all too short day, but Easter is actually longer than Lent.  So I'm enjoying all fifty days of the season this year!  There's still plenty of time for feasting and rejoicing.

What good things are you feasting on this spring?  What makes you rejoice?  What's the most memorable big feast you've enjoyed?

Saturday, April 25, 2009


Well, what a year it was!  My photo 365 project didn't quite turn out the way I wanted, but then again, my whole year took me on a journey I never expected.  I am simply in awe of the way 2008 unfolded, and though many days were difficult, I continue to discover the graces that were hidden along the way.

Unfortunately, there were days (weeks?) that my photos suffered.  When I left grad school and entered the work-a-day world, I found fewer opportunities to take photos.  I moved from the city and became a car owner (hmph). I wish that I had been brave enough to stop my car at the side of the road when I saw something to shoot, but as it was I just watched the scenes blur past my window.  That's something I hope to change in the future.

My year ended with a bang - or, rather, with a splash - when, in January, my camera went swimming in the puddle formed by a leaky water bottle in the bottom of my purse.  Death came suddenly to my little companion.

Since January, I've been on a photo hiatus.  It was nice to take a break, actually.  I got to reassess my motivations for learning photography and being a photographer, and remember the pleasure of taking pictures without pressure.

On Easter Monday, I treated myself to a feast and used my tax refund to invest in a new camera.  I've enjoyed getting to know it and have been pretty pleased with the photos I've gotten so far.

I want to keep up my blogging because I think it does motivate me to look for and take interesting shots, and to keep my eyes open.  I'm definitely ready to forgo the photo-a-day format, though. (At least until next year, perhaps?)  This year, I'm hoping to include more writing, or even poetry, and I'm hoping that my entries will start conversations about life's unexpected adventures.  I want my photography to be part of a thoughtful, prayerful life, and I want to invite you to join the journey, too!

As  I look back over the past year or so, here are some of my favorite posts:




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