Thrifted Outfit of the Day

What to wear, what to wear?!

For me, the easiest way to incorporate creativity and resourcefulness into each day is through my outfits. I love to combine thrift store treasures, bargain buys, hand-me-downs, and old favorites into never-before-seen combinations.  

I hope that these posts will inspire you to create your own favorite outfits without breaking the bank. These thrifted outfits will provide fresh ideas on how to combine colors, patterns, shapes, and layers and help you to be creative with what you already have, or what you can repurpose and reuse. And when you come up with a stunning success, I'd love to hear about it!

This isn't a blog that will send you out with a shopping list in order to recreate an outfit piece by piece. But if there is any shopping I recommend, it's thrifting! I love to shop at small, community-based thrift stores that raise funds for a worthy cause or a neighborhood organization. It's thrilling to be able to engage with the community by supporting the thrift store, care for the environment by reducing waste, and inject my wardrobe with unique pieces all at once.

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Scarf Braid
Sunny Snowstorm

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