Friday, January 30, 2015

Sunny Snowstorm

On Wednesday, I headed back for a long day of work after a cozy snow day the day before.  My outfit, therefore, needed to meet several challenges: the first consideration was keeping me warm and dry on a slushy, icy, gloomy day. While being winter-appropriate, however, it needed to provide a burst of cheer to make up for the clouded sun. It needed to be comfortable enough to get me through the long day (and, let's face it, soften the blow of returning to work), but it also needed to be professional enough to remind me that the mid-week vacation was over. Fortunately, I couldn't sleep the night before, so I had plenty of time to come up with the ideal outfit, one that met all these needs while still being almost completely thrifted. 

The earth tones of this patchwork skirt keep it from court jester territory, I think. Pairing it with a solid color is non-negotiable, but since the sweater is bright, I definitely needed neutral accessories. Because both the skirt and sweater are boxy, I added a belt to define my waist. I liked the almost-peplum effect it created. 

Sweater, skirt, and belt: Thrifted
Tights: Target
Boots: Teva

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